diciembre 13, 2008

Dropkick Murphys - Live On St. Patrick's Day

1. Intro
2. For Boston
3. Boys On The Docks
4. Road Of The Righteous
5. Upstarts & Broken Hearts
6. The Gauntlet
7. Rocky Road To Dublin
8. Heroes From Our Past
9. Finnegan's Wake
10. Which Side Are You On?
11. A Few Good Men
12. Curse Of A Fallen Soul
13. The Torch
14. Gang's All Here
15. Forever
16. Spicy McHaggis Jig
17. John Law
18. Wild Rover
19. Fortunate Son
20. Nutty (Bruin's Theme)
21. Good Rats
22. Amazing Grace
23. Alcohol
24. Barroom Hero
25. Dirty Walter
26. Skinhead On The MBTA


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