octubre 20, 2008

Charles Bronson - Youth Attack!

1. Marriage Can Suck It
2. Youth Attack!
3. The Painful Yet Unavoidable Deathstar Comparison
4. xDumbfucksx
5. Too Much Of A Good Thing
6. Standing In Front Of Bulldog
7. Stock Footage
8. Pre(im)mature Retirement P.L.A.N.
9. The Only Time I Think About Romance Is When I Wonder Why I Don't Think About It
10. Deaf And Dumb
11. Fuck Technology, I'll Keep My Pocket Change
12. Red And Green Make Yellow
13. Let's Start Another War So I Can Sing About Stopping It
14. I Just Can't Avoid The VOID In Avoid
15. Wastoid On The Celluloid
16. Shrinkage
17. Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind
18. IQ32
19. Punchdrunk
20. The Tears Of A Clone


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