marzo 02, 2008

The Used - Berth (Live)

1. Intro (Live) (2:51)
2. Take It Away (Live) (4:36)
3. Listening (Live) (5:45)
4. I Caught Fire (In Your Eyes) (Live) (5:27)
5. The Taste Of Ink (Live) (6:25)
6. All That I've Got (Live) (6:07)
7. Blue And Yellow (Live) (6:02)
8. A Box Full Of Sharp Objects (Live) (5:45)
9. On My Own (Live) (7:53)
10. I'm A Fake (Live) (7:28)
11. It's Hard To Say (Live) (4:06)
12. Maybe Memories (Live) (5:14)
13. Handsome Awkward (Demo)

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